Nothing is more important to AMG than the safety, health and well being of our workers and their families and the protection of the environment.

Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality

All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable and there is no job worth doing in an unsafe or environmentally harmful way.

We are a team treating everyone with respect and building trust. We listen to understand safety, health and environmental issues, while supporting each other to work in a safe and healthy manner and in compliance with all local and national rules and regulations.

We are courageous leaders who act with a sense of urgency to eliminate or effectively control safety, health and environmental hazards and risk.


  • To continuously identify and implement safe and healthy ways to do the job;
  • To hold each other accountable for superior health and safety practices;
  • To keep protection of safety, health and the environment as a value that drives overall performance;
  • There is no task so important that it puts the safety and health of employees at risk;
  • To provide the leadership and resources needed to achieve our vision;
  • To maintain a high degree of emergency preparedness;
  • To encourage each other to be champions of safety and health both at work and at home.