AMG Brasil S.A. (successor to Companhia Industrial Fluminense) is an important producer of metallic alloys and chemical products, located in São João del-Rei, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

AMG Brasil History

Founded in 1912 in the city of Niterói (Rio de Janeiro), it stood out as one of the companies that grew the most during the 1920s, basically from match production.

In the 50s, it began to mine cassiterita, an ore used in tin production, and tantalite, which was exported. In 1960, after purchasing the Carandaí River Hydroelectric Plant in Minas Gerais (which is still in operation and supplies more than 100% of the factory’s demand), the Company moved its industrial facilities to São João del-Rei, closer to the source of basic ores for production. With vast availability of raw materials and low cost electricity, the results appeared quickly. New products began to be manufactured and LSM Brasil became a pioneer in Latin America in the production of metallic silicon and mischmetal.

In 1978, the Metallurg Group (USA) purchased Companhia de Estanho Minas Brasil (Mibra), today CIF Mineração, located seventy kilometers from São João del-Rei, with mineral reserves of tantalite, microlite, columbite and cassiterita, becoming an important source of ores for the world market.

At the start of the 90s, LSM Brasil assumed leadership of the special aluminum alloys market in Brazil and began exports first to the South American market. During this period, the Company implemented an important modernization process, installing new equipment, incorporating technology into ore extraction and industrial production.

Beginning in 1996, LSM Brasil concentrated its focus on two lines of activity – special aluminum alloys/ tantalum and niobium oxides and tablets, strengthening its chemical- metallurgical core.

Currently, LSM Brasil is one of the strongest companies in this industry, offering quality and service recognized by the market. With high quality and competitive prices, it has been strongly increasing its global share, serving the US, Asian and European markets.