With a combination of special physical and chemical properties, tantalum is a key product in many applications.

Tantalum is used in: production of cutting tools and special metals resistant to wear and tear and high temperature, electronics industry (capacitors and semiconductors,) chemical processing equipment resistant to corrosion, optical market (glasses with a special refractive index for cameras) and healthcare industry (plates and surgical sutures). Tantalum represents a maximal performance and a minimal space, producing the most innovative devices in the world.

Niobium highlights by its versatility. It is a light, ductile metal. It adds value when used as an alloy, increasing thermal resistance, as well as resistance to abrasion and corrosion of materials. Niobium-based superalloys are used in: aerospace industry (monitors, structural pieces, aircraft turbines,) power stations, naval construction (submarines) offshore technology (tubes), superconductor alloys, manufacturing of magnets for magnetic resonance tomographs.