Fabiano José de Oliveira Costa


Fabiano José de Oliveira Costa is the CEO of AMG Mineração and AMG Brasil (LSM Brasil) since April 2014; he is also the CEO of AMG Brazilian Holding, company that controls all the AMG Group assets in Brazil and a center of R&D for Lithium and Tantalum in Germany. Joined the Group in 2011, initially as a Production Director and currently is the responsible for all business units in Brazil, including Mining and Processing, Metallurgy, Chemical Processing and Power Generation.

He graduated in Mining Engineering from UFMG and received a Master’s degree in Geostatistics Applied to the Estimation of Mineral Resources from UFRS and Graduate Studies in Mineral Technology from University of Queensland. Have a broad professional experience in this field whether in Brazil or overseas, having worked for almost 10 years in countries such as Canada, Chile, Australia and Laos.

Juri Abbatantuono

Project and Supply Director

Juri Abbatantuono is currently Project and Supply Director at AMG Brazil. He began his work for the Group in 2017, as Project Director.

He has 28 years of experience in implementing projects and supplies for projects, especially industrial projects in the automotive area, potassium, iron ore logistics and lithium concentration.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. He is especialized in Quality Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University, specialization in Business Administration by The Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Specialization in Project Management from IBMEC-Minas Gerais and MBA – Master in Business Administration byIBMEC-Minas Gerais.

Marcelo Pacheco Mattos

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Marcelo Pacheco de Mattos is the Finance General Manager of AMG Brasil and AMG Mineração since 2015. Joined the Group in 2012, as Controller, performing roles in the management accounting, in the financial activities and in the strategic planning. He graduated in Business Administration from UFMG and in Accounting from PUC MG.

Worked in Deloitte where acquired experience of a decade in external auditing, working with in the fields of mining, industry, construction, real estate and education.

João Augusto Dias Silva

HSE General Manager

João Augusto Dias Silva is the HSE General Manager of AMG Brasil and AMG Mineração since June 2014. Joined the Group in 2013. Received his Civil Engineering degree from the Escola de Engenharia Kennedy, have Graduate Studies in Work Safety Engineering from UFMG and Graduated Studies in Watersheds Environmental Studies from UFMS.

Works to engage the team towards the challenges and projects of AMG and to the commitment with the results of security, occupational health and environmental performance.

Edmar Castro

General Manager of Operations

Edmar José de Oliveira Castro is General Manager of Operations at AMG Brazil. He started his work for the Group 27 years ago. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of São João Del Rei and a Metallurgy Technician from the Federal Technical School of Ouro Preto.

He has a relevant track record in the management of AMG, having also held the functions of Technician, Supervisor, Engineer, Manager in the areas of Production, Mineral Processing, Power Generation, Projects and Maintenance.

Frederico Araújo Gonzaga

Mining General Manager

Frederico Gonzaga de Araújo is Mining General Manager responsible for the operations of the Critical Minerals Unit of AMG Brazil. He started his work in the Group in 2012 as Mine and Geology Manager.

He has significant professional experience in large mining operations working in processes of transformation, production and redefinition of business.
He holds a degree in Mining Engineering from the Minas School of the Federal University of Ouro Preto.

Thaís Guedes

General Manager of Human Resources and Social Responsibility

Thaís Guedes is currently General Manager of Human Resources and Social Responsibility at AMG Brazil. It began its operations for the Group in 2008.

She is responsible for organizational alignment and development, through the definition of policies, procedures, implementation and management of processes: Culture Management, Career and Succession Management, Performance, Organizational Climate, Employee Experience, Recruitment and Selection, Positions and Salaries, Labor and Union Relations, Health and Welfare. She has solid experience in HR, strategic planning and social responsibility processes.

She holds a degree in Psychology from the Federal University of São João Del Rei. Mba in Strategic People Management from Centro Universitário Una and Specialization in Management with Emphasis on Business by Fundação Dom Cabral.