We add high performance and sustainability to your aluminum alloys:

To keep up with a market in constant transformation, AMG Brasil launched its new solution for grain refiners: Tibal Evolution. A product with its own technology, flexible and adaptable to the most diverse production lines, which allows industries of all sizes to remain competitive, expanding their performance in a sustainable way and meeting the highest quality standards. Tibal Evolution allows excellent refining quality at lower addition rates compared to a conventional refiner.

Optimized performance
Benefits and advantages for your process:

  • Better refining efficiency;
  • Low addition rates (kg/t ratio);
  • Guarantee of compliance with the mechanical properties of the structure;
  • Lower stock requirements in your plant;
  • Operational efficiency.


Intended for products that demand excellent microstructural and surface quality, as a low refiner addition rate means a reduction in possible deleterious interactions between refiner particles and other volumetric defects.